Sparklers from a planners POV


Sparklers are fun to look at and add legit sparkles to any event, but do they belong at weddings? Here's a planners point of view on sparkler send offs.

Every year we always have a handful of clients who want to add sparklers into their wedding to get those quintessential "send off" photos. While they look cute, the dangers of these red hot metal rods are real. We always have buckets of water on hand for guests to put these extremely hot in, but after 5 hours of open bar... things can get a little sloppy. We have had barefoot guests accidentally step on one that wasn't disposed of properly, and we even had a brides dress get burned from a groomsmen who got a little too close. Besides the obvious dangers of putting fire into your guests hands after a day of drinking, you are also pulling your guests away from the party. The once packed dance floor has now lost its vibe from guests being pulled away to line up for a sparkler photo. The shot takes some time to setup, around 15-20 min. Trying to get all of your guests to listen to directions at the end of the night is hard and we have to go through safety instructions before the sparklers are even lit, buzz kill we know.  

So what are your options?

If you don't want to pull your guests away from the party then why not add something extra to your ceremony exit. We love a good petal or confetti toss, as long as it's earth friendly. The lighting is perfect for your photographer and who wouldn't want walk through a sea of confetti after they said "I do!" If you're still looking for a grand exit, there is an amazing new technology that can take your sparkler send off to new heights... literally! Cold Sparklers! Yes, I said it... COLD Sparklers! They are completely safe for indoor or outdoor use, using non-hazardous gerb effect that looks exactly like traditional fireworks. They operate at such cool temperatures, the sparks themselves are not flammable (you can even pass your hand through them). They need to be operated by a professional lighting company but they offer a great alternative to the sparkler send off.

Pro Tip: Shhhh! Don't tell your guests, let it be a surprise!    




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