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Luxury Wedding Planning & Design 

With her years of experience, Kaitlyn brings an analytical eye and resounding sense of style to any celebration.  Her calm demeanor and attention to detail through her hands on approach are just a small part of what makes her one of the top wedding planners in New England. 

Known for curating refined and unforgettable weddings celebrations for a discerning clientele, Kaitlyn's experience in first class events allow couples to fully trust her in the organization of their wedding.

We are not a wedding factory.  Our personal approach, and the importance of creating an elevated experience for each and every client, is reflected in our intentional decision to serve a limited number of couples each year.

Kaitlyn believes in real moments and the importance of personalized touches.  

owner & creative director 



- Erin & Stephen

"I truly don't know what we'd do if Kaitlyn and her team weren't there running the show.”

To be absolutely honest, my love for weddings came from watching Father of the Bride.  As a kid I watched that movie hundreds of times, I was 7 when the movie was released.  I loved Franck (who wouldn't lol), and that tented backyard wedding was a little girls dream.  I knew I had an eye for design at a young age. I would throw endless parties and redecorated my room more times than my mother would care to stand.  It was a passion and I knew I needed to pursue it.  So when it came time for my sisters wedding it just pushed me further in that direction.  It really is a dream job, and I am so thankful I get to build these forever memories with my clients.

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